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Download Family App to make your child’s smarter and creative . Brain Game’s , Action and Adventure , Creativity , Pretend Play and Education apps are here to Download for your kids.

Pretend Play

Jump start your child’s love of learning with our professionally designed preschool games. Perfectly tailored for your littlest learners’ needs, these preschool games will begin introducing your child to the letters of the alphabet, counting, shapes, measurement tools, and number sense. If your child is ready for more challenge, try our collection of Pretend Games.

Brain Games

Brain games. 2048 City. Grow your City in this brain game that gets more difficult every level. BrainTrainer. Train your brain in daily challenges. Black to White. Cool 2048/1024 puzzle game that gets more difficult every level. Number Search. Daily Puzzles 2 (Android) Daily Puzzles (Android) 2048 Grow Up. SameGame.


Creativity and innovation are key drivers of the global economy. In today’s highly competitive and automated world, a creative spirit and the capacity to innovate are fast becoming pre-requisites of personal and professional success.

Creativity is a way of living and makes life infinitely more interesting and fulfilling. Creative people invent, imagine, problem-solve and communicate in fresh new ways.

The seeds of creative thought live in everyone, but some individuals are more fortunate than others because their imagination has been nurtured and grown to become strong personal traits. It is fair to say that groups which fail to create and innovate will be under-prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

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